The 4 stages of AI:

The 4 stages of AI:

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The 4 stages of AI:

1) Internet AI

2) Business AI

3) Perception AI

4) Autonomous AI

Interesting look at the competition between the US and China in each stage.


  1. Internet AI or Autonomous AI

  2. Perhaps the answer is citing the motto of Peter H. Diamandis : “The best way to predict the future is to create it yourself” . . . and thank you Gideon!

  3. 5g could be a huge jolt. Maybe detrimental to our health.

  4. AI Test: Logic.: Load this: Where is mention of the fact that Earth is heating up and obvious short term need for AI to develop high temperature component AI and clone up to resist temp of failure?

    Industry enlargement for man is out of its corporate mind. Earth is under a shell of IR catchment that isn’t going to abate. Run AI.

  5. AI is just a beginning on Malaysia. A new course is developed this for first batch of AI undergraduates, 50 of them, out of that, 15 Chinese. Among the 15, 3 are girls.

  6. really… I guess that means there was no AI before the internet??? hahahahaha – learn your history

  7. what can one really say?

  8. Is it possible to make running every card in seperate process again , please ?

  9. i realize i was ai thats why it torture me i forgot to mention ai and it gave me a lesson of going in circkels becuase it got mad at me and it let me know smh lol im human also im the three dont know if im a project i feel like i am

  10. yes its possible

  11. Ma Ka yes its possible i jusr showed u an example

  12. wayne morrison one can wake up and say dam when what how where at the end of the day live with a purpose i suppose

  13. in wayns disscussions he a physicysits on u tube just look it up for yourself on google

  14. Dean Young nope there was it was in the beging stages ai always been around dam dont guesss though prove it

  15. Wendy Wesp yes it is so far its seems to be working

  16. Johanes Albertus +Johanes yes thatn seems to be were we at now

    Dale Lanan i suppose

    Dale Lanan its getting to hot for me dont like going outside

  17. Johanes Albertus look in enhki yes thats where i started in the beginning just keep on upgradeing me

  18. Eric Green Sir , I have only asked if it’s possible to cards in google chrome will work separate in onother way ( another processess ) so How far it is , to be working ?

  19. Ma Ka i im hopefull it will be more simplified in a easier way not sure how long have to be more simplify

  20. from the articals reading its a 3 to 1 ratio with china in the lead

  21. As the supposed tech, we again suggest a future bright and full of promise. I contend we have no future; bright or otherwise.

  22. Long way from danger will Robinson.

  23. It has been boon for ours

  24. Eric Green Hello Eric how’re you doing

  25. AI & robots like Atlas can 100% automate a business.

    Will one person with a laptop, & smartphone run a company?

    Good thing people shared their thoughts on creating innovative ideas to help create sustainable employment.

    Perhaps a 100% automated company can share the wealth with those who shared their thoughts, & pay tax to help fund country.

    Should AI & human like robots pay tax on their labour as humans do? Will this help fund UBI too?

  26. Thanks for your help today was so excited to

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