Tesla's robotic snake automatically moves out from the wall and plugs itself in to charge your car. Musk told us...

Tesla’s robotic snake automatically moves out from the wall and plugs itself in to charge your car. Musk told us…

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Tesla’s robotic snake automatically moves out from the wall and plugs itself in to charge your car. Musk told us this was coming late last year. Here it is. 

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  1. Whoa! Awesomeness! Thanks Gideon Rosenblatt​!

  2. OMG its like looking at a video of the future!

  3. Keep this away from japan. Live action Attack on titan wont be the only thing we get…

  4. Does the energy come from the Elfin magic at the Keebler tree or from some higher realm?

  5. Gideon Rosenblatt This is awesome, but I can’t deny the fact that it IS a little strange!

  6. Theres that dangerous ai at work, ready to wipe us out as a species

  7. Just don’t stand too close with your mouth agape in amazement as you may get the shock of your shortened life… (visions of Gomer Pile at work http://www.jeffs60s.com/images/gomer.jpg

  8. Is this a time-lapse concept model, or is it actuating autonomously?

  9. What Jim Buzbee​ said was my first thought.

  10. Sorry for answering my own question, but I can see the refection of the engineers in the paint of the car. It looks to be a time-lapse mock-up…

  11. Cool, and creepy, but cool.  But really creepy.

  12. Yes, creepy and cool. but creepy.

  13. I’m thinking, “the eye from War of the Worlds”. I’m not sure I’d sleep easy with this in the garage.

  14. That’s not time-lapsed, William L. Weaver. It’s actually working. It’s not clear (to me) when it will be commercially available. 

  15. Gideon Rosenblatt Wow. This is truly fantastic! =]

  16. is it Manga .. tentacle charger

  17. This is how cars make babies.

  18. Are you saying this garage belongs in Slytherin House, Daniel Estrada? 

  19. That is so creepy!

  20. The video in the original tweet is much smoother… I’m not sure why the animated GIF degraded it so poorly… https://t.co/L9E4MR642G

  21. Yeah, that one looks more life-like too, don’t you think, William L. Weaver? 

  22. Gideon Rosenblatt And the sound helps too! =]

  23. I’m guessing it’s a very expensive way to do something very simple

  24. If you can afford the car expense is probably no obstacle.

    Speaking of expense I wonder what the life of a battery will be.

  25. I want a tesla please

  26. Well, as long as you can hack it I would not want one …


  27. Thing is the Snake isn’t necessary if the power unit was set up correctly

  28. I believe this is the real deal (not a stop-motion mock-up), but it’s much slower than the GIF shows. The actual video is probably at least 3x this length.

    Karl Louis So you say you’d not buy it as long as it’s hackable, then link an article about how all 6 discovered vulnerabilities were just fixed? So… case closed? 😛

    That being said, pretty much every car released in the last several years is incredibly vulnerable to remote exploitation (scary stuff), but it sounds like Tesla, at least, is being vigilant about fixing these vulnerabilities.

  29. Impressive! Yet, another task where human interaction has been replaced by machine interaction.

  30. I love this technology

  31. Impressive but is there any locking system between car and robot

  32. Mawar O. Shady t

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