Tales of the Future: SciFi Economics

Tales of the Future: SciFi Economics

This is my first attempt at a new genre of writing, something I’m calling “SciFi Economics” for now. The idea is to paint scenes from businesses in a future, where technology is used in ways that bring out humanity’s very best. 

In this case, the story is set in my neighborhood in the year 2028, just thirteen years from now. The focus is on a local shoe store and how it is using 3D printing and artificial intelligence as part of a greater network of similar franchisees that work like a modernized version of our guilds of old. This network, like others like it in other sectors, is utterly transforming the economy, restoring it by making it more local and grounded in the long-term interests of its stakeholders. 

I hope you like this new approach. It was fun to write and I’m hoping it’s a helpful way to paint a different picture of how we could be using the technologies now opening up to us. 

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