Stupid backlash against Google Maps calorie counter feature. And now, rather than fixing the implementation, it's...

Stupid backlash against Google Maps calorie counter feature. And now, rather than fixing the implementation, it’s…

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Stupid backlash against Google Maps calorie counter feature. And now, rather than fixing the implementation, it’s just easier for Google to kill it.



  1. I don’ t even know what it was but I’m guessing it displayed calories for eateries and the commercial forces didn’t like it….they want you fat and subservient….so poof!

  2. Oh I see, it encourages walking, burning off those cupcakes…… sheesh!

  3. Ok, this is getting ridiculous.

  4. “We’ve gotten into this habit of thinking about our bodies and the foods we take in and how much activity we do as this mathematical equation, and it’s really not,” she said.”

    It is though. 😂 It’s basic physics. So people “fixate on the number” … well, good! It’s not that hard! What’s the problem?

  5. Calorie counters are mostly nonsense anyway

  6. Google should spend their time making the apps, the services they have suck less, instead of bulling ahead making more crappy services nobody asked for.

  7. What’s so hard about adding the ability to hide the feature? Let those who want it use it, and people with obsessive compulsive disorders decide what they want.

    I don’t see anyone getting bent that walking is an option presented to people with mobility issues, or driving to those who do not drive…

  8. Thanks !!! Gideon Rosenblatt​

    As A Google Maps Local in #FaceBook Land …

    And #iPhone Land …

    It Don’t Matter …

    #GoogleMaps is used but Information is always Questionable …

    I Fix and Fix and Fix …

    Google must think they Know … They Don’t !!!

  9. Background on error rates in calorie counting.

    Bottom line is there is a lot of room for errors here, but more on the calorie intake side than on the burning side. – These Infographics Show the Problems With Calorie Counting

  10. They should have one that blasts a notification tone (or perhaps the “Death March”) and says, “That Whopper is 5000 Calories!”

  11. I agree with the statement that calorie counting alone is insufficient, however I find the response to this to be absurd.

    Also, just turn it off by default and let people “opt-in” to it.

    Jesus, was that so hard?

  12. Gideon Rosenblatt

    Thank You Again !!!

    You Have Transparency therefore I’ll Open your “Link” in tread …

    When Commenters add “links” with No Transparency …

    Why should AnyOne Respect Thought …

    Appreciate your “Link” Gideon …

  13. Anything that guilts users about their (sometimes) poor food and exercise choices is suddenly an intrusion on their privacy and treated accordingly. It never ceases to amaze me that the loudest complainers are usually the same people who over-share the minutiae of their lives online. They’ve lost perspective and deeply resent being called on it.

  14. Hundreds of thousands of American patriots get upset with players “taking a knee” and the NFL won’t do anything about it.

    But a couple nut-jobs get upset over a food app and Google shuts down!

  15. I had an app once called google fit. One day it just quit working. I don’t need it anyway.

  16. I’m so lazy that I didn’t even know this was a feature until the hubbub about killing it.

  17. I want maps to focus on navigation. Keep upgrading with regards to that. If I want to focus on losing weight I’ll get a personal trainer and a Fitbit.

  18. +Gentry “GP” Pitts

    Bravo !!!

  19. They do not want to continue it because apple tried that already and look where they ended up. fined for 500 + million. Calorie counter will not help you with counter intelligence area.

  20. Many people see it as guilt tripping. I strongly disagree with that but I can see how some people would dislike it.

    Removing it is a pretty strong reaction though.

  21. Lisa Borel Hmmmmm 😉

  22. Not sure what is wrong with that…

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