Steve Jobs on design. I love this quote.

Steve Jobs on design. I love this quote.

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Steve Jobs on design. I love this quote. 

And yes, thanks for asking, those egg-shaped, concrete wine tanks are from my dad’s company. (I made this image for a photobook I gave him a couple years ago for his birthday.)


  1. For people who are curious about my dad’s work:

    And here’s his main site on cast concrete:

    He’s where I get my love of design. 

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  3. That’s one way to put it. – But I perceive it to be as with any invention, creative innovation with the science of technology and the fine arts in all its forms – we are purely witnessing the ‘affect’ of the ones gift that created it. -James J.D.Gragg

  4. Gideon Rosenblatt thanks for the links. Awesome looking concrete stuff, amazing!

  5. Thanks Steve Mattison. I love visiting my dad’s factory – it’s so cool. 

  6. Gideon Rosenblatt Lordy those are kewl! …Seems very state-of-the-art to me.

  7. I’ll pass it along to my dad guys. Thanks. 

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