Smart guy. Listen to his take on:

Smart guy. Listen to his take on:

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Smart guy. Listen to his take on: 

Minute 5:00 – investors fueling technological unemployment

Minute 12:45 – the Microsoft opportunity

Minute 14:15 – software eats the world

Good find, Mike Murphy. 

Originally shared by Mike Murphy

This video is AWESOME!!!! Chanos recognizes #marchoftherobots  !!!! My favorite investor of all time, who is brutally honest and transparent since the start of his career in the 80’s identifies the basic problem of society right now! As companies gain profits they invest in reducing workers.   It is a death spiral for the ‘old’ economy.


  1. Why did no one title this ‘Bernake will succeed in devaluing the dollar’ ?

  2. Yeah, I was wondering that too, Shaker Cherukuri, but I couldn’t find a date on it. There were a few other signals too – the reference to Ballmer, for example. 

  3. Yep I think old video. Which makes it more interesting he saw the trend before it is more obvious.

  4. Grizwald Grim. I used to be more anti-fed , but no longer. They are doing the best they can with the limited construct given to them. If others (governments) pro actively helped society adjust , then economic reactionaries like the fed would react differently. From the Feds perspective they are trying to help. The flaw is their actions cannot fix the onslaught of change traditional drivers of economic measurements. 30 years ago a 10 person company selling for a billion dollars (even with inflation adjustments) was unheard of. Now with technology double digit employee companies selling for a billion is not that unusual. That translates into new economic innovations need very few people. The fed is trying to fight that with monetary policy. It won’t work, should they not try? Debate able.

  5. Mike Murphy​ we should talk some time. All I know at present makes me irritated that my society is ignorant enough to allow them to exist. I’d love to see where I end up after hearing your perspective.

  6. Grizwald Grim The main problem humanity suffers from, especially established organizations is we answer with ‘what we know’  To improve, the better answer is what ‘we dont know’  In monetary policy we are currently trapped with a system setup in 1913.  That system has evolved, but the basic construct is the same.  Despite critics (and massive abuses), overall people have to admit it worked out pretty well considering.  But that system cannot last 10,000 years, much less 200 years.  So, the new answer will be….new.   BASIC problem is old answer (for just about everything) is central control.  Fed Reserve, Gold miners, whatever, its about few people control a process/etc.   Central control = evolution to abuse until its broken.  It happens, humans cant help themselves to take advantage, wishing that 1,000 presidents in a row dont break the system or federal reserve chairman is not reasonable.  The answer is distributed responsibility.  If majority dont want to be abused, we need to participate.  Here is what I wrote in 2011.

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