Self-driving Trucks

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Good write-up on the implications of self-driving trucks.

And, better, autonomous driving on highways should be easier to figure out than driving in cities, because those big rigs don’t need to navigate pedestrians, cyclists, and traffic lights. That means most of the country’s first experiences with driverless vehicles may be in the form of 70,000-pound trucks, instead of the kinds of driverless taxi services testing in sections of Pittsburgh and Arizona.



  1. It means millions more unemployed.

  2. Hi !!!

    Gideon Rosenblatt​

    Think This is Our First in South Texas …

    Noticed folks are concerned about #Range on Batteries

    The US Air Force fixed that Long Ago …

    Tankers and Mid Flight Re-fueling …

    Pick – Up Charging “Pods” at Select Truck Stops along The Road !!!

  3. First:

    [The 3.2 million] Trucking jobs are, as a recent report from the Washington, DC, think tank Global Policy Solutions points out, solid, middle class jobs. The median annual wage for delivery and heavy truck drivers is $34,768, 11 percent higher than the country’s median wage.

    And then:

    But yes, trucks that drive themselves are going to need fewer people to drive, and Goldman Sachs economists predict all driving industries could lose up to 300,000 jobs a year to automation.

    Well, there you go.

    Automation is going to continue to be a huge boon to business and the executive and investor classes, as it drives down cost and radically boosts productivity. And it’s going to be poverty and death to everyone else.

    Literal poverty and literal death.

  4. I am surprised with the focus on replacing humans while applying technology. There are enough complex / dangerous tasks where technology can go. I guess simpler tasks happen to be on the path to accomplishing the complex ones as the technology progresses. So the job loss is a collateral damage.

    On second thoughts the current level of death due to automobile accidents and the potential for an autonomous vehicle to reduce it seems quite an argument.

    The argument based on emission is certainly favoring electric.

  5. Gideon Rosenblatt still there is a popular model of transporting cargo by trucks when a vehicle is then loaded onto a railway platform to continue. I saw such trains of platforms everwhere in the US.

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