Safekeeping Humanity’s Accumulated Knowledge in DNA-Based Storage

Safekeeping Humanity’s Accumulated Knowledge in DNA-Based Storage

This is a wonderful idea, a new way of thinking about passing along the the most powerful gift we have to our posterity. In a societal meltdown scenario, something like this might just make the difference between a temporary dark age and permanent extinguishing of modern human culture. At the very least, it could prove a powerful way to gift snapshots of the current human experience to future generations.

The idea? Storing knowledge with DNA. A test tube could conceivably hold all the information on Facebook and Wikipedia combined. An elevator-sized storage, perhaps the entirety of human knowledge.

Biomimicry is using nature’s designs for human purpose. This may well be biomimicry’s killer app.

Thanks for finding this one, David Amerland.

Originally shared by David Amerland

Knowledge, Immortal

Our information is fragile. As a species we have struggle to find ways to send information from the present into the future so that it can benefit those coming behind us. We may now, have the answer, of course. Possibly. At stake is nothing less than the long-term survival of our species.
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