Robo Pain?

Robo Pain?

This isn’t just an article; there’s a video that’s worth watching when you click through to the link. The topic? Should we imbue our robots with the ability to feel pain? It may well be that we need to be cruel to be kind, for there are many reasons why pain makes sense for robots. The ability to feel pain is one of the oldest sensory requirements of animals. It is baked into our nervous systems.

So why not our robots?

Thanks to David Amerland for sharing and bringing this one to my attention.

Originally shared by David Amerland

Should We Make Robots Feel Vulnerable?

This is more than a trick question. Our sense of vulnerability informs the contextual parameters of our situation which then determines such responses as normal (because we feel safe) or aggressive (because we feel threatened).

Without a sense of pain robots may not be able to feel empathy and without some sort of empathy the advent of killer robots such as those designed by Kalashnikov ( may be a tad worrying.

h/t Panah Rad for the Killer Robot post.
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