Revitalizing the Good Business Community

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Revitalizing the Good Business Community

This message goes out to all people interested in the idea that business can be a force for good in the world. 

It’s about the Good Business Community on Google+:

As you can see from the below post, the moderators and I are launching an initiative to revitalize the Good Business Community. 

Almost every one of you who are receiving a notification were once active in this community. At some point, you tuned out and possibly even quit the community because of the spam and off-topic posts. I’m reaching out to invite you back. We need you to help turn this around. 

These are the topic categories, just to refresh your memory: 

Sustainable Business

People-Centered Business

Mission-Driven Business

Social Enterprise

Ownership & Funding

“Good Business” Books

By all counts, this should be an awesome community, and it was when it first launched. We can turn it back into one. 

Here’s what I’d ask from you: 

* If you’ve quit, please rejoin.

* Click the gear icon in the upper left corner, and then select “Show posts in the home stream” and set it to “More”.

* If you’re really game, turn “Notifications on” right next to the gear.

* Then try to give the community a little extra love through engaging with it over the next few weeks, with comments, plusses and shares.

* If you’ve got topical posts, please share them and we’ll try to generate some especially good engagement around them. 

* If you’re really into these topics and want to be considered for a “Contributor” role, drop me a note. 

Thanks for your help with this. And just so I know you saw this, would you mind just plussing this post as an acknowledgement? 

Thank you, 

– Gideon

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