Research into a Whole New Platform for Machine Learning: The "Memristor"

Research into a Whole New Platform for Machine Learning: The “Memristor”

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Research into a Whole New Platform for Machine Learning: The “Memristor”

Technology continues to accelerate, as new hardware platforms force us to rethink many of our assumptions about computing. One of the interesting developments now in the works of the “memristor,” and Alex Nugent hopes to use this new technology to mimic attributes of biological neurons as a path to more powerful machine learning.

Knowm wants to actually make a system that is based on collections of memristors that do not separate data and processing, but rather use collections of memristors to simulate the synaptic pulses in the brain, which store data and process it. To jumpstart the effort, Nugent is working with researchers at Boise State University, just down the road from memory maker Micron Technology and who used to work with that company on advanced non-volatile memory technologies there, to get researchers and application developers some memristors and a complete software development stack so they can start playing with what Nugent calls neuromemristive technology to create artificial intelligence applications, where the hardware itself can adapt and learn, ahead of volume production of memristors, which will be doing the adapting and the learning.

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  1. Would I be too far wrong in conceptualizing a memristor network as the world’s most massively parallel register/instruction/storage mashups?

    To the extent that that even makes sense.

  2. Could be, Dean Calahan​, could be…

  3. This is a long article, but it is very interesting.  A good read.

  4. Yeah, it sounds like HP’s been struggling on that front, Mark Bruce​. I wasn’t even aware of them until I saw a post from iPan Darius ​yesterday mentioning them.

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