Remixing, Creativity, and the Future of Work

Remixing, Creativity, and the Future of Work


The future of work will include joy in a meaningful way. I really do believe that, and this piece by Scott Santens does a great job of showing how aspects of this future are already with us today, if you know where and how to look. And by that, he means Star Wars. 


Star Wars has unleashed countless remixes of creative homages to its mythology, and with the upcoming release next month fans are continuing the tradition. This article does a wonderful job of illustrating the crazy proliferation of creative juices from the Star Wars fan community. Maybe I’m crazy, but I was really moved just watching the emotional responses of these fans as they took in a trailer for the next release. Watch the young woman in the top-right corner. It’s just, well, it’s just awesome, and it’s awesome that someone took the time to pull these reactions together for us. Very creative:

Fan Responses: 


Here’s Scott Santens on the bigger picture of why all this matters: 

How much more passion work will we see with a universal basic income? If no one need worry about hunger and homelessness, how much more creativity will we see? If everyone has a platform on which to build, what will be created? If people can choose to do the work that provides them meaning, and leave the jobs best left to machines to machines, imagine the amount of unleashed creativity we all have to look forward to from each other.


It’s worth reading the full piece:

What YouTube and Star Wars Fans Are Showing Us About the Future of Work: A New New Hope

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