Putting Patagonia's recent moves perspective, Jesse Lyn Stoner outlines why this mission-driven company truly stands...

Putting Patagonia’s recent moves perspective, Jesse Lyn Stoner outlines why this mission-driven company truly stands…

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Putting Patagonia’s recent moves perspective, Jesse Lyn Stoner outlines why this mission-driven company truly stands out.



  1. That’s awesome, I’ll probably be shopping at a Patagonia soon, as there is no REI on Oahu (REI is also a values driven company, ploughing 70% of their profits back into thge outdoor community).

  2. You’re in Hawaii right now?

  3. Quite commendable!

  4. Wow, she is a johnny come lately. She learns about Patagonia, and all of a sudden she decides this is a new thing? How does this ignoramus even get a by line? Furthermore, how can she think Disney is one of the good ones? was she still cutting teeth when Disney had plans to destroy a whole Colorado valley with a resort development? Oy.

  5. Wow, Lisa Borel, I don’t think that’s really fair. What makes you think she’s just suddenly discovered this? What she’s doing, and I know because she told me as much on Twitter, is trying to highlight brave, value-driven behavior from corporations when she sees it so that others will be similarly inspired. Your response seems way too harsh to me.

    Disney is a question mark though…

  6. Yah, the only part that made me raise my eyebrows was the Disney mention…

  7. Oh, am I not supposed to have a strong opinion because I am a woman?

    If she had done her research, she would know that from its inception, Patagonia has been a standout for the fact that it’s core values are about taking a stand for the environment. This is discussed in every one of their catalogs. In her own post, she proclaims that environmentalism is outside their business model. For decades, Patagonia has used fabric made from recycled plastic. Since 1994, their cotton has been organic. They have long made donations to environmental efforts. In the 70’s they cancelled a product because it was harming the environment.

    So tell me how this is new?

    Oh, folks don’t know about Disney?

    unofficialnetworks.com – How Walt Disney Tried And Failed To Build The Best Ski Resort In California

  8. Lisa Borel, what? What does this at all have to do with you being a woman?

    My point is simple: where are you getting the sense that she thinks this is some new thing? I just don’t see it. She follows these kinds of businesses closely.

  9. “The Risk When a Values-Driven Company Like Patagonia Takes a Stand”

    We don’t see many examples of companies taking a stand for their values. My own observation is that most companies are driven by profits, not values. Most leaders see values and profits as belonging to different realms – values on the “soft” side and profits on the “hard” side of business.

    No acknowledgement, and no apparent awareness that Patagonia has been value drive for many decades. Significant point to overlook, considering her premise.

  10. Calling someone an “ignoramus” because you don’t think they touched on a point strongly enough seems way, way too harsh to me, Lisa Borel. I just don’t get it. But I’ll just leave it at that.

  11. My point is, she made an assertion that is factually inaccurate. I understand you don’t care for my choice of wording, but that does not detract from my point.

  12. Somebody’s triggered.

  13. Oh look, it’s a sock puppet troll.

  14. Interesting conversation here. Thanks for sharing my post, Gideon. Agree that Disney is a question, and if you read the comments, you’ll see that was discussed there. One of the things I really appreciate about my blog is that my readers leave a lot of comments, which I always welcome, whether they are positive or negative. I think good conversation takes us deeper and helps us all learn more. My thought here is that Patagonia raised the bar in what it means to be a values-driven company, and I do stand by that, knowing this company well and their stand on environmentalism. Saw this HBR article after I published mine on CEO activism and thought you might enjoy it: hbr.org – The New CEO Activists

  15. Jesse Lyn Stoner, thanks. Yes, I agree. Feedback, whether it’s appreciative or critical, helps make us better. I think it can be done in civil or uncivil ways, and so I just think the world works much better when we keep things civil and respectful — even when you disagree with someone.

    Anyway, ‘nuf said on that.

    Good to see you here on G+. I’ll check out the link.

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