Pretty cool.

Pretty cool.

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Pretty cool.

HT Daniel Estrada

Originally shared by Panah Rad

Joto: Connected Whiteboard Robot Draws, Writes What You Like

More info:

neat 🙂


  1. Is it like a whiteboard? If you draw something on it will the drawing be digitized?

  2. I don’t get the sense it’s a scanner, Quantum Pop. It just writes, not reads.

  3. Still very cool!

  4. Was previously called plotter. Every architect has one

  5. Soon hackers will send swastika drawings to all whiteboards

  6. That’s a horrible though, Chris Welty.

  7. now adjusted for graphic design do a Rembrandt or a any Renaissance pic great history or futuristic drawings learning tool

  8. How much I want its link it too weather alarts

  9. wow this is amazing!

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