Play Well With Others… At Math

Play Well With Others… At Math

One of the more interesting, and important, questions we face presently as a species is what will become of work. We may well find eventually ourselves in an economy where humans no longer work, in the way that we currently understand it at least. This article isn’t about that future.

It’s about the between now and then. It’s about the transition period between now and whatever comes next, and it highlights an interesting tension: the need to be simultaneously cognitively and emotionally intelligent. 

“If it’s just technical skill, there’s a reasonable chance it can be automated, and if it’s just being empathetic or flexible, there’s an infinite supply of people, so a job won’t be well paid,” said David Autor, an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. “It’s the interaction of both that is virtuous.”

This is a good article, forwarded to me by my sister. I’ve heard pieces of this argument before, but not laid out quite like this before. If you think about the future of work or are just thinking about the future of your kids or the coming generation, it’s worth the read. 

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