Over the last twenty years or so, my dad has built one of the world's leading edge innovators in applications of...

Over the last twenty years or so, my dad has built one of the world’s leading edge innovators in applications of…

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Over the last twenty years or so, my dad has built one of the world’s leading edge innovators in applications of concrete. Their products, like the egg-shaped wine vats pictured below, are absolutely beautifully designed too.

Nice to see someone recognizing his work:

Steve is literally the modern day Willie Wonka, and Sonoma Cast Stone is literally the modern day Chocolate Factory.



  1. What interesting story and design Gideon Rosenblatt. They are beautiful. The ones on the image here look like elephants 🙂

  2. Wow! Simply amazing. I looked up his website and am blown away. You much be so proud!

  3. Thank you, Teodora Petkova​. My dad has been a serial entrepreneur his whole life, who just happened to have hot his real stride at around age sixty. It’s a great lesson in never giving up.

    And yes, now I see those elephants too. Great observation.

  4. Gideon Rosenblatt thanks for sharing the lesson. Everything described in the article sounds beautiful. Maybe because I am biased, or maybe because the design and the colours are really cool. 🙂 Lesson learnt. Now, I can say that I am a serial writer and dreamer :)) Let’s keep trying until we find our elephants. 🙂

  5. By “whine vats” am I suppose to respond with “Whyyyy Can’t Iiii have one of those?”. 🙂 🙂

  6. Teodora Petkova​. 🙂

  7. Stupid auto correct. Now it’s my turn to whine. Thanks, Ed Greshko​. 😉

  8. Thanks, su ann lim​. I must definitely am.

  9. Fabulous…well done dad!

  10. Those are the most beautiful tanks I’ve ever seen. Serious props.

  11. Thanks Roland J. Ruttledge​ and John Jainschigg​.

  12. Very interesting. Had no idea that concrete could be used for this purpose. Your father really accomplished a lot.

    Concrete is a fascinating material and I know e.g.


  13. Love practical application. 💛

  14. Such graceful lines. And inspiration. I wonder if your father has considered the use of hemp to make hempcrete creations. Much lighter in weight, much less of an energy footprint and insulates well. In St. Petersburg FL, a man built his home out of hemp.

  15. Thanks, Nadia Korths​ and Chris Jones​. He’s not using hemp but is doing some very cutting edge work on other materials that are having a big impact on the environmental impact. And yes, Chris, the wine sector is starting to make a big deal out of concrete.

  16. j.b. wade

  17. Gideon Rosenblatt Do you think he might be interested in cement hulls for #openSourceYacht? The focus is partially self sustaining living and travel vessels.

  18. Concrete isn’t the lightest material, Lee Nelson​. I’m not sure that would be the best application.

  19. Actually, concrete has some history as a material for boat construction, counterintuitive as it sounds. See: en.wikipedia.org – Concrete ship – Wikipedia

  20. Gideon Rosenblatt When I was researching the options, I came across the cement hull approach. The weight can be the same or less compared to wood for one inch hull thickness. The advantage is strength and it does not need to be refinished every two years. The idea is a floating home that is durable so it seemed like a good fit.

    I have almost completed the Alpha prototype here in Indonesia. My plastering skills are not the best so I am looking into 3D printing the cement hulls.


  21. That’s interesting, John Jainschigg​.

    The other thing about concrete, Lee Nelson​, is that it can have reinforcement materials embedded within it for addition strength. Good luck with your project.

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