Our Antidotes to Technological Unemployment

Our Antidotes to Technological Unemployment

As we automate the functions of business, we sow questions about the future of human work.

Dystopian visions of technological unemployment are easy, since they basically just extrapolate much of the bad stuff technology does today into an unknown tomorrow. Though these darker futures oddly captivate me, I find myself also working hard to paint a more optimistic, perhaps even utopian, possibility in my head:

Might technology strip us of the more scripted and robot-like work so that what remains for us is that which makes us most human?

This five-minute-read, takes a look at human initiative and human connection as potential sources of longer-term differentiation from artificial intelligence. 

Also a special shout-out to David Amerland, John Ellis, Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales and Steve Bonin for their contributions to the short video clip attached in this piece. 

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