On the Origins of the term "Regenerative Business"

On the Origins of the term “Regenerative Business”

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On the Origins of the term “Regenerative Business”

I use the term “Regenerative Business” a lot in my own writing to describe a type of business that invests back in its stakeholders as well as the world. I think I encountered the term from Marjorie Kelly, who talks about “generative” business. So it was a nice surprise today to see this piece from Carol Sanford​, showing some of the roots of this term.

I found this in my website stats today because she was nice enough to include a graphic from and pointer to a piece I wrote about this a couple years back.

So even though this field of “good business” is building a great deal of momentum these days, it’s important to remember that the roots go back to earlier, pioneering work.



  1. Ping! Andy Brine 

  2. Great concept with application in all of our relationships, number one the one we have with nature. The one from whom we enjoyed all of the benefits of this practice only to forget it the last few hundred years.

    The essence of our way out of this mess.

  3. Thanks for the ping Zara Altair, I will be sure to bookmark this one and come back to it later 🙂

  4. Andy Brine I am sure you will be interested in this thinking.

  5. I always enjoy reading articles like these 🙂

  6. Glad to hear that, Andy Brine​. Thanks for making the connection, Zara Altair​.

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