On Being an Ape

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Really enjoyed reading this piece on what it’s like to act an ape.

Most of the actors that do play apes have told me that it’s been one of the most profound things they’ve done, because you have to be so honest with yourself. That has happened for me through this character Rocket. He is that open, vulnerable, grounded, connected, feeling creature that I aspire to be all the time. There’s an honesty that is so fun to play. It’s a profound experience, it really is.

Planet of the Apes movement coach Terry Notary on the secret to the films’ stunning performances


  1. WOW !!! Thanks Gideon Rosenblatt​

    We needed something Entertaining … Google Plus is Full of crap last 7 days …

    ping David Amerland​ Ramón González​

  2. Yeah, I’ve been on a bit of a rut here too, Coach G Moore.

  3. ah the good old days of unmoderated primate behaviour

    if you guys need a laugh i write some satire here

    thespoof.com – Profile for humor writer Gringo Lobos

  4. I think you would make a really cute ape hello how are you, I am stuck in the hospital getting blood , lost a lot of blood doctors have no clue where my blood is going or how I am losing it I feel like a pin Cushion have a great day & we will be talking

  5. As mentioned above, you really need to watch the behind the scenes on the Blu-rays from the previous movies.

    Mind blowing!

  6. Gideon Rosenblatt and yet this is an awesome share 🙂 Gratitude and Coach G Moore thank you for the ping.

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