New research incorporating vehicle ownership cost shows ride-sharing is not a sustainable business, for drivers or…

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New research incorporating vehicle ownership cost shows ride-sharing is not a sustainable business, for drivers or platform operators.


  1. I’m sure that’s about right. Another Corporate Worker Scam!

  2. Clearly needs to change, although many Uber/Lyft drivers use it as a supplement especially to help pay for a car that would otherwise sit unused while they “watch TV” (as one driver told me). Which was sort of the original drift of the sharing economy that this study seems to ignore. If you’re buying a car anyway, you are incurring all those costs already, so the income really is a bonus.

  3. That’s $3.37/h more than what they would be otherwise making without that job.

  4. The question though is that for each of those hours spent driving and not making all that much money in the process, what are the opportunity costs? What kind of money could they have been making through some other form of work? What kinds of personal growth, friendships or contributions to the arts, sciences or society more generally could have been made.

  5. Chris Welty Yes but cars are quickly becoming obsolete. When autonomous Lyft/Uber/other cars are available there is no need to own a car. Also no need for drivers of the rental car.

  6. Gideon Rosenblatt – Heck, they could earn double flipping fast food burgers. When that’s your opportunity cost, something’s gone horribly wrong.

  7. Kenny Chaffin, when self-driving cars (and other automation) kick in fully, we will need new models to keep the steam of income flowing. Without that, the current system is going to become increasingly unstable.

    And yes, Michael Verona, flipping burgers is a pretty lousy alternative; especially since that too, will likely be automated soon.

  8. Kenny Chaffin “quickly becoming obsolete” is not the same as obsolete. Most people need a car still today. This is about today. And btw, it’s not that quickly. I don’t foresee car ownership dropping by much more than 50% in 10 years, which is still a LOT on both sides.

  9. Chris Welty I think you are wrong. Time will tell.

    P.S. Nothing is true til it’s true which is exactly why I said “Becoming” which IS TRUE.

  10. Gideon Rosenblatt I’m not in this boat myself, so I can’t really say for sure, but I always talk to drivers and I have a sense that many of them have jobs, and do this as a supplement. As I mentioned, one driver told me he’d otherwise just be watching TV. So if you want to point your judgement at an activity that is unproductive and preventing people from expanding their lives, TV and Facebook seem like much bigger targets to me than the sharing economy.

  11. Chris Welty No. TV is what is Killing us with it’s Mind-Numbing Zombie-Producing Populace infected with Corporate Propaganda and has been doing so for over half a century. That is how we got here. But yes, Social Media is an extension of that for the youth and those of use in the BabyBoom and pre-BabyBoom who have adopted and bought in to it.

    We Must Change the Way we Gain Information and Knowledge. We Must Train our Children and ourselves to be Skeptical and we must TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!

  12. Chris Welty, last time I checked watching TV and spending time on Facebook weren’t considered jobs. Justifying unsustainable wages on platforms that are greatly enriching investors by saying it’s better than spending time on Facebook or TV just isn’t a logical jump I’m willing to take.

  13. Article has been updated with new figures, stating $8+ instead.

  14. And probably you’ve seen it, but an update to the story, the numbers were off and while its still not great, its not as bad as originally estimated: – Researcher Admits Study That Claimed Uber Drivers Earn $3.37 an Hour Was Not Correct

  15. Chris Welty, it’s a cool idea. It would be even cooler if the users owned the network itself.

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