Neural Extensions

Neural Extensions

The interface to machine upgrades of human capabilities will be our brains.

This is all possible because, as Prof. Cerf explains, the human brain is amazing at “interpreting signals and finding meaning in them.” When we think, we don’t identify what part of the brain the thought came from or how it traveled within our cortex. In the same way, if we get signals from a chip implanted in our brain we won’t feel like it is done by a foreign object – it will just feel like us.

This is why when we drive, for example, the car can feel like an extension of ourselves.

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This Neuroscientist Thinks He Knows the Future of Human Evolution, and It Will Surprise and Inspire You

“What do you see as the next stage of human evolution? Do you imagine we will be catered-to by robots and become fatter, lazier versions of our current selves? Or maybe batteries in a dystopian future where we service machines (much like the humans depicted in pretty much every Hollywood film). Do you think we will more closely resemble characters from a Marvel movie with claws, laser vision or telepathy? Are these things really possible for humanity’s future? If so, how do we get them?

Famed neuroscientist and former hacker Moran Cerfbelieves neuroscience might have the answer. I first met Prof. Cerf after one of his lectures and have collaborated with him on research since. In his most recent TEDx Talk, titled: “Human version 2.0″, the Kellogg professor of neuroscience and business says that for the first time, humans are gaining control over their own evolution. Before, evolution was driven by Natural Selection. Now, advances in technology are making it so that it is driven by an Intelligent Designer – us…”

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