“Net States”

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Not a necessarily new idea, but still a worthwhile read.

Regardless of their differences in size and raison d’etre, net-states of all stripes share three key qualities: They exist largely online, enjoy international devotees, and advance belief-driven agendas that they pursue separate from, and at times, above, the law.

I argue that it does, because nation-states need a wake-up call: The world needs net-states in order to defeat the non-states. We’re not beating them on our own. To win information-era wars, countries need to recognize the power of the net-states, not as an ancillary locale of assembly in the cyberspace, but as critical entities wielding the kind of power and influence necessary to go toe-to-toe with non-state actors.



  1. Truth, the new global powers are not countries but businesses….

  2. We need to use block/holochain to eat Google/FB.



    (I’ll also award myself an ITYS for pointing this out over six years ago)

  3. As much as I principally agree with the view, its war-framing is what makes me wonder wether this is yet another game to reduce the opponent’s manpower. We need another sting for Sleeping Beauty to wake up, maybe.

  4. It’s all bullshyyyt, fuc’em both. Not hatin, jus sayin…😎😎😎

  5. I am truly confused what gabby just said

  6. in you’re opinion, but really not.

  7. Sudhanshu Pawar​ she is saying you are allowing yourself to be dumbed down (programmed by the media) read OBJECTIVLY. your survival ounts on you.

  8. In bi-polar phraseology I’m suggesting a change of perspective from destructive framing to constructive framing.

    Thanks for trying to help, Ron. 🙂

  9. so when net states start censorship, that net nanny app is gonna reep in royalties.

  10. The enumeration is missing at least Amazon.

  11. Uh try TiVo oink.Yvtyyxcycuuctzxcuvyyugi

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