Modularity Beats Obsolescence

Modularity Beats Obsolescence

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Modularity Beats Obsolescence

I have two boys, and I can’t tell you how many headphone sets we’ve blown through in our home – usually because of the point of failure between cable and where it joins with the actual headset: it just wears out overtime, and then you have to throw the whole thing out. A huge waste, and not at all sustainable.

A while back, my son bought a pair of headphones from Sol Republic ( Last week, one of the wires gave out. But this company has designed it’s headphones for modularity, so all my son had to do was order a new wire. It just arrived and he plugged it in and is now back up and running, without having to pay for a whole new set – or throw away his old one.

The modularity also enables customers to mix and match the various components to build exactly what they want, and even express themselves in the process.

That’s cool, and deserves to be recognized.

So I am.


  1. I’ve been using SOL REPUBLIC headphones since we started carrying them at RadioShack a few years ago and I love them. I have the whole set – the BT speaker, in-ear earbuds, and over-the-ear headphones. They sound awesome, they’re remarkably durable, and really really comfortable. Highly recommended from someone who’s been using them for ~2 years. 

  2. Gotta love modularity, I’ll look into getting a pair, thanks!

  3. My ATH-M40X set do a similar thing, and even have a locking cable.

  4. I’m an electrical engineer (retired) with more free time than is good for Any man. I repair every thing that fails. ( Keep this to yourself, I often break headphones,ear phones, toasters,kettles, washing machines,cookers etc just for something to repair) 😊

  5. I have the same SOL pair of headphones and I can say the head band is virtually impossible to break. It can bend like nothing else I saw around without even a slight deformation.

  6. Cool! For other applications where a cable is coming loose I’d recommend Sugru, it works wonders to extend the life of these sort of things.

  7. It’s a great product, I like it, but I think I want this.

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