Messing with Reality: Up Next, the Past

Messing with Reality: Up Next, the Past

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Messing with Reality: Up Next, the Past

People were more likely to say they remember a faked photo when it fit with their political worldview.

Human memory does not function like a videotape or a digital recording. When we remember, we don’t wind back our minds to a moment in time and relive that exact moment.

Instead, memory is constructed.

“All of these [memory] distortions allow us to craft a shared representation of the past,” Hirst says. “And because you and I both have a shared representation of the past, it leads to a common view that reinforces a collective identity.”


  1. Yes and you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

  2. Additional thoughts:

    Chris Welty notes on his share that this area might require an exemption to free speech, which is an interesting argument, to which I replied:

    but then what about people doing it for artistic expression, like mixing music today? Maybe the key is some sort of disclosure stamp etched right into the new work, like a watermark.

  3. It’s helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Gideon Rosenblatt We’ve been discussing the conflicts related to free expression around graphics for quite a while. Does free speech include porn was the heyday of that argument, but there are other ones. …I like the argument that what is being made free by the right to free speech is the right to THINK. That the right to think for oneself is the fundamental right. Therefore, if someone is screwing with your ability to KNOW the truth about something (through any kind of chicanery), then that would be interfering with your fundamental rights.

  5. Meg Tufano, I guess. I don’t know. I think it becomes very difficult to determine whether someone is screwing with your ability to think. I mean people influence all the time and that’s a good thing, but it could also be said to be messing with our interpretation of truth.

  6. Gideon Rosenblatt Yes, an independent mind takes some fighting for! I do not think anyone can “give” it to you. That said, pretty much that’s what I teach my students—not to take MY word, or the text’s word, but to find their own point of view. (Trust me that they would prefer memorizing and my telling them the “right answer.” THINKING takes much more work!!!!! ;’)) But it is good work.

  7. charles izengo ;’)

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