Mapping the Meaning of Sentences – in the Brain

Mapping the Meaning of Sentences – in the Brain

This research at Carnegie Mellon has fundamentally changed my understanding of how conceptual meaning is represented in the human brain.

I reached out to talk with lead scientist, Marcel Just. Here’s how he describes the importance of the research:

“We’re getting at the basic building blocks of human thought… We’re finding out what those pieces are, what types of pieces they are, and to some extent how they go together.”

Over the course of the interview, he shared insights into the limitations of the current approach, how they did it, how it maps to other approaches to conceptual mapping, potential applications in psychiatric diagnosis and education, and how critical a role emotion plays in meaning-making.

This is important research. And yes, though there plenty of challenges and different understandings of what it actually means, it really does demonstrate a viable path to mind reading.

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