Making Code Understandable, Accountable and Trusted Too

Making Code Understandable, Accountable and Trusted Too

Thinking behind just usability:

I have another idea: It’s time to stop designing digital services to just be easy to use and start designing them to be understandable, accountable, trusted, and easy to use.

“It just works” is not good enough anymore if you want your users to trust you with more data and make more decisions on their behalf; if you want users to start trusting their data in your machine learning system; and if you want users to trust your device in their house. This is the fundamental design decision facing people building digital services right now.

Imagine if Uber made it clear exactly how much a driver earned and whether it met a living wage, directly on the email receipt. Or if Amazon made it possible to understand supply chains and environmental impact when you bought a product.

You can’t “view source” on Siri or Google Now. But as software agents of one sort or another (bots, digital assistants, news feed algorithms) start to make more decisions for us, publishing software tests may be useful for making bots more transparent.

HT Pamela Pavliscak​ on Twitter.
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