Machines and Creativity

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When machines create, we will need to re-evaluate the process of assigning value. “According to this theory, the hours put into consumption are more determinate of value compared to the endless hours put into production…”


  1. Very astute observation and a point I have been trying to press home

  2. you are very nice

  3. Commerce is taking the “Humane” away from “Humanity” and all activities related to it. Music perhaps originated in the Forests /Jungle Tribes as a means of Long Distance communication — through Instruments and Vocal initiations disguised as Mimicking Sounds and Rhythms of and from the Surrounding Nature. With Change in Civilizations Perception of the need of a ” Commodity” ( as music is considered now post Millennium, rather than being a Survival neccessity in early Civilizations) the Concept of Commercial Value now arises due to Commerce and not due to Technology / AI.

  4. Man vs artificial intelligence.someday, the world will be running by such things.

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