Machine-based Collective Intelligence and the Human Experience

Machine-based Collective Intelligence and the Human Experience

A few weeks ago, I was in Singapore to give this talk at a complexity conference at Nanyang Technological University. The focus is on how humanity relates to the fast-approaching era of artificial intelligence:

Humans excel at embedding individual intelligence in shareable constructs. Our early knowledge sharing relied on speech and other social behaviors, but over time we augmented this capacity for collective intelligence with writing, publishing and other technologies. This silent transformation – this long-term shift from the social to the technological – has led to a world where machines now play an increasingly dominant role as our containers of collective intelligence. Today’s explosive growth in machine learning marks a turning point as we now prioritize the teaching of machines over the teaching of humans. As this happens, knowledge becomes increasingly abstracted from individual human minds and machines transition from mere containers of our collective intelligence to agents capable of using that information on our behalf. This transformation changes humanity’s relationship to knowledge and raises profound implications for the future of the human experience.

The talk is long (52 minutes for the talk itself, with another 38 minutes of Q & A), but for those interested in the topics I explore, I think you will find it well worth the investment of time. And by the way, you should be able to safely digest this talk at 1.25, 1.5, or possibly 2.0 speed. Simply click on the gear icon in the lower right corner of the YouTube screen, select “Speed” and choose your tempo.

More info on this conference and it’s amazing participants: 

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