Leadership Transitions

Leadership Transitions

This weekend’s board meeting at YES! Magazine was the first with the organization’s new executive director, Christine Hanna. She did an amazing job at this meeting and is already showing organizational tremendous leadership. This weekend further strengthened my confidence that we have picked an excellent new leader.

I have been deeply involved with this leadership transition over the last two years, heading up the search process on the board. Some of you who know me well know the sad, sad story of my old organization, Groundwire, and how strongly motivated I was to avoid a similar fate at YES!

If you’re interested in what we did for our transition process, you may want to read this article by the organization’s outgoing ED, Fran Korten. Fran and I partnered very closely in this work, and her deep commitment to this transition proved absolutely critical to its success. I am so glad that she has captured this work to share with others:


(I took this photo during a break in our meeting this morning. This artwork sits in the conference room at YES!)

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