Jibo: A social, family robot that uses emotional intelligence

Jibo: A social, family robot that uses emotional intelligence

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Jibo: A social, family robot that uses emotional intelligence

Watch this video, and you’ll see why folks like Cynthia Breazeal and  Guy Hoffman are focusing on why emotional intelligence is important to the future of robotics. 

This particular robot, Jibo, is not yet available. It’s creator has launched a Indigogo campaign to assist the company in reaching its goal of delivering Jibo robots next year.

In the meantime, what’s most interesting here is the emotional engineering that goes into something like this.  

“I would say this is the first social, personal robot,” says Illah Nourbakhsh, a roboticist at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Jibo’s body language and expressions are designed to convey emotional states in the same way humans do, while his sensors and programming are tuned to our presence. Jibo knows when someone enters a room, and can identify who it is if he can see their face or hear their voice. The idea is that Jibo’s social skills help him to fit seamlessly into the household.

Jibo’s body and head movements are complex and smooth enough to convey convincing human-like body language but he cannot move around. For that, he relies on the humans in the household to pick him up – he weighs a mere 2.7 kilos – and move him from place to place. Jibo charges up via wireless pads plugged in around the house, or he can run on batteries for about 30 minutes away from a power source. When he joins the family at the dinner table, for instance.

More background on Jibo here: 


The campaign: 


The Jibo website:


More on emotional robots: 



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  1. This is super cool Gideon Rosenblatt…we’re birthing a new humanity through technology. That said, I don’t think it’s going to be possible w/out forming integrated communities (like ants work in a colony) connected through a web of technology and interpersonal connections that drive #SustainableChange . Did that make sense? 🙂

  2. its an awful thing kill it with fire

  3. Cynthia Breazeal is easily my favorite active roboticist. I’ve been following her work since Kismet back in the late 90s, and I’ve been showing Leo to my philosophy of technology classes for a decade because it’s such a wonderful demonstration of learning and social intelligence. 

    This bot looks well-designed and is incredibly expressive and versatile. I’m really excited to see this project develop.  

  4. I would love to have one

  5. Have one for what

  6. How much for the robot

  7. I’m not sure if I would want this. Would it end up being an expensive paperweight? My Smartphone does a lot of this, and it fits in my pocket.

  8. haven’t we learned any thing about robots with emotion it will overcome humanity

  9. The age we are in!

    It’s a concept to complement a next stage of interaction with AI or “developed intelligence”.

    Dream it, have consumer population fund it. Live it… with many versions!

  10. Kinda useless if it can’t move itself.

  11. Mousa Mansour, Though, does not true intelligence have emotion? Wisdom.

    The danger is a self-aware machine that views emotion as a virus, an encumbrance. A machine that we are smitten with; invested in, pandered by.

    Will it be enlightened transcendence or further fall to madness?


  12. Ya, but just think of version 6!

    It might just hover around you!

  13. I think it’s cool.i want one

  14. Nice, but very, very creepy.

  15. No its not it’s neet

  16. Best thing ive seen if u dont mind what was it worth and how do I get 1 lindsayabdallah74@outlook.com

  17. wow i will like to have one

  18. Me too Daniel Estrada. Me too. I’m starting to dig more into emotions and AI these days, so this piqued my interest.

    For those who want to know what Daniel is referencing on Leo, here’s a great video:

    Leonardo Robot – isn’t this the cutest robot ever? 

  19. Fond it thanks

  20. Gideon Rosenblatt I use that same video in my classes! Although it is a good introduction to social learning, Leo’s learning capacity is actually much more sophisticated, so I usually also show this:

    Leo- Teaching Robot

    I show these videos in the context of discussing Turing’s views on artificial intelligence, especially the suggestion that we build learning machines. Way back in 1950 Turing was already suggesting that we build machines with a mind like a child’s that can learn and develop from its social environment. Breazeal’s research is really at the forefront of realizing Turing’s dreams. 

    Since I mentioned it, one of Cynthia’s early bots was Kismet; it’s a great reminder of how far we’ve come in 20 (!) years:

    Kismet (MIT A.I. Lab)

    For those interested in the genealogy of robotics, Breazeal’s research came out of Rodney Brooks’ (of iRobot/Roomba fame) lab at MIT back in the 90s. It was one of the more radical AI/robotics labs at the time, and among other things made a deliberate effort to cultivating a substantial community of female roboticists and engineers. From what I understand, most of the roboticists in Brooks’ lab were female for much of his tenure as director. 


  22. I hope it’s not a creeper

  23. It cheers you on while it watches you masturbate….

  24. That was the part 1 trailer of a movie that ends in a robotic apocalypse.

  25. nnnnrcoo, CT r vd o XT TV xx zou z c

  26. A fully automated device with video and audio capture linked to the internet with no on and off? If i can hack into your pc with just my phone what stops others with more knowledge from doing the same to this machine? Private images and conversations aswell as banking details?? At least not in beta.

  27. I love it!!!

    I want to buy

  28. Real nice got to have one

  29. It’s creepy. I know it sounds a bit weird from a chitinous alien with two jaws and acidic blood, but … it’s creeepy!

  30. Just another high priced toy!!

  31. $500 bucks…just about the same price as my first GLOCK 19.

    I picked up my gun in 3 days…pre-order, which means pay $499

    up front for an estimated December 2015 ship date.   SCAM.

    Yes, I mean it’s a pay first, take your chances, marketing scam!

  32. Edward Orlowski Hope you lose your money……WTF do you need to own that for, imbeciles like you are what’s wrong with this world.

  33. I feel like I just watched that movie “HER”… I’m not ready for a robot boyfriend yet… 😛

  34. Holy “Demon Seed”…….

  35. Gooner Pete

    I don’t know why you’re calling me out, I’m guessing you can do anything,

    except read with comprehension. Seems trollish in a reverse trolling sort

    of way.  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Reverse+Trolling

  36. Е,ь электрические

  37. They’ve now raised  $1.25 million on Indigogo campaign. 

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