Protecting Shared Reality on Wikipedia

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It’s easy to imagine that the tools they developed for settling disputes about Star Wars won’t be up to the challenge of saving some informational commonweal, but then again, what does modern politics resemble more than a vicious fandom at war with itself? Maybe only a system that can contain the deep enmity between people who spell the metal aluminum and those who spell it aluminium is up to the task of preserving our fragile democratic institutions. Absurd times call for absurd measures.


  1. An interesting topic but not that insightful. Although he comes to the conclusion in the end that perhaps Wikipedia’s method will work, the article is laced with insinuation about how silly, or nerdy, Wikipedia’s concerns have been in the past, as if labelling one writer’s tweets as racist is a more profound result than getting the size of the death star right. It wouldn’t take a heartbeat for me to choose which of those I find more interesting. That’s no moon.

  2. Luckily, it’s an equal-opportunity editing platform. One person’s trivia is another’s life’s work.

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