Is AlphaGo Zero Using a New Internal 'Language'?

Is AlphaGo Zero Using a New Internal ‘Language’?

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Is AlphaGo Zero Using a New Internal ‘Language’?

“It is as if the system had learned a new internal language of how to play Go… It could be possible that the human language of Go is inefficient in that it is unable to express more complex compound concepts…It’s more powerful than previous approaches because by not using human data, or human expertise in any fashion, we’ve removed the constraints of human knowledge and it is able to create knowledge itself.”


  1. I would love to have a better understanding of “the constraints of human knowledge” because that kinda sounds like crapola-based reasoning.

  2. Ed Rutmayer, did you read the article? Because that is the best way to have that better understanding.

  3. Gideon Rosenblatt let’s just say that , without using what you already know, you’ll waste a lot of time “re-inventing the wheel”. I’m sure you know the saying, ” Those who don’t (know history) are doomed to repeat it”. I may have butchered that but a good parallel here can be observed in the world of fine-art. Artists with formal training are better equipped to transfer from the mind to the canvas. Artists with no formal training, usually referred to as “outsider artists” may have highly developed personal style, unconventional media, and maybe even some natural talent, but what they typically produce is much like what you find in art done by children. I hate typing with my phone so I’ll stop. Just wanted to put in two cents for the progress we’ve made so far -us humans. Maybe it’s worth something to the AI. Then again maybe the AI will kill us all.

  4. Ed Rutmayer, I think that humans will still be influencing AI for many, many years to come as teachers.

    Still, something new seems to be emerging here with this DeepMind project.

  5. Well, I think it won’t hurt to learn how to juggle or something. The more entertaining you are, the greater the likelihood that they’ll want to keep you as a pet.

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