Intel's New AI Chip

Intel’s New AI Chip

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Intel’s New AI Chip

Intel’s Loihi is different because its crude analogs of neurons are burned into hardware, and its design differs fundamentally from the computer chips the world runs on today. In conventional chips, data shuttles back and forth between a processor and separate memory. Loihi’s “neurons” and the adjustable connections between them function as both processor and memory, saving time and energy required to shuffle data around. The connections—analogous to synapses—between neurons can adjust to patterns in their activity over time, mimicking a learning mechanism seen in real brains. Tests of this ability have included showing the chip videos of people performing movements such as bicep curls, and challenging it to recognize the same motion in fresh video clips.

HT Wayne Radinsky (over on Twitter)


  1. Smarter would be fine!!

    I’m not to sure about more independent, it could be dangerous to have a machine that could from it’s independent brain, develop a mind of its own..

  2. Sean O’Connor, isn’t a linear transformation y = mx + b combined with a ReLU equivalent to a “not” operator for negative m and positive b? I don’t see your objection that a neural network can’t learn a NOT operator.

  3. I thought Microsoft had invented some technique that reduced the difficulty of learning in the deeper layers, and that’s why it’s now possible to have neural networks that are 200 or so layers deep, rather than the usual 5 or so.

    I’m pretty sure neural networks are Turing Complete, though, and can (at least in theory) learn any function, at least once you introduce nonlinearity in the activation function (and something as simple as ReLU seems sufficient for doing that), and the network has sufficient breadth or depth.

  4. Jaime Galvan hello how are you doing today

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