In Search of the Hybrid Ideal

In Search of the Hybrid Ideal

The “hybrid ideal” – the hypothetical organization that is fully integrated—everything it does produces both social value and commercial revenue.

This piece, from the Stanford Social Innovation Review, is an excellent look at hybrid organizations. It provides some good introductory background and then concentrates on four main challenges to running these types of organizations:

* Legal Structure

* Financing

* Customers and Beneficiaries

* Organizational Culture and Talent Development

Those of you who know me, may also know that I spent 9 years of my life running precisely this type of organization – a mission-driven technology consulting shop. The challenges that this article outlines are bang-on.

This is a deep dive, and not for everyone, but if you are interested in understanding this burgeoning area, I highly recommend you read this all the way through.

“In Search of the Hybrid Ideal”

By Julie Battilana, Matthew Lee, John Walker, & Cheryl Dorsey

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