Machines Lack Causal Models of Reality

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If you have a good causal model of the world you are dealing with, you can generalize even in unfamiliar situations. That’s crucial. We humans are able to project ourselves into situations that are very different from our day-to-day experience. Machines are not, because they don’t have these causal models.


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  3. Causal models are not the most important element in ethical AI.

    Morals and ethics are based on values, what is held dear and what is held more dear than another thing. Machines can learn causal models, when we design a proper architecture for it. Learning values is the critical thing.

    There are two paths into the future of AI: 1) hard-wired values, which gives maximum control, but is difficult to get right and likely to produce sub-optimum results for autonomous machines and 2) individual learning, which gives less control and is likely to produce diverse results that will not please the morals/ethics of some factions of society (just as the behavior of natural individuals). The second path suggests personhood and individual responsibility and all the complexity that has been explored to some extent in sci-fi literature.

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