IBM: Artificial Intelligence Needs Data to Learn

IBM: Artificial Intelligence Needs Data to Learn

One thing is becoming increasingly clear about the world’s leading machine learning companies: no data, no learning. Google and Facebook are sitting on goldmines of user-contributed data, ripe for machine learning, and already doing things like giving us image search capabilities. Twitter is getting into the act too. 

This latest news from IBM is just one more example of just how important access to data is for machine learning, in this case, IBM Watson, to actually learn. 

Merge will provide imaging data that IBM’s Watson engine will use to analyze CAT scans, X-rays, and mammograms.

Merge’s technology platforms are used at more than 7,500 US healthcare sites, as well clinical research institutes and pharmaceutical firms, to manage medical images.

Expect to see many, many more of these kinds of data acquisition-based mergers. If “acqui-hire” is the term to describe acquisitions aimed at hiring key individuals, what do we call acquisitions aimed at getting access to treasure troves of data like this? 

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