I was just ordering from a local restaurant here in Seattle called Chaco Canyon, and stumbled onto this nice little...

I was just ordering from a local restaurant here in Seattle called Chaco Canyon, and stumbled onto this nice little…

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I was just ordering from a local restaurant here in Seattle called Chaco Canyon, and stumbled onto this nice little surprise in their menu:

The Community Bowl

Suggested Donation $8

The bowl with the goal to provide nutrient dense foods to everyone. Brown rice, black beans, mixed vegetables, garlic tahini sauce, spiced sunflower seeds with choice of orange or banana. Payment is determined by you; we accept any amount you can offer. All profits collected from this bowl are given back to the community by way of free meals, or donations to local food banks. limit of one free community bowl per day.

When businesses do things like this, I think it deserves to be recognized. This is a company that knows it’s part of a greater community. 




  1. I love the concept! Wish there was one such menu item in every restaurant. 

  2. Yeah, me too, Rajini Rao. The other thing that I probably didn’t highlight enough is that this thing doesn’t appear to be a marketing stunt. It’s nestled down in the middle of the menu. It would be really cool to see more restaurants doing this. 

  3. Yeah, I’m in Seattle, Darius Constantine. Too bad – would have been great to meet you in person. Though I do have to say that that would have blown some of the mystery behind your online persona, so I don’t know. 😉  

    Seriously though – that’s too bad. 

    And yeah, there’s a bakery near us too that does something like this for coffee – along the lines of what you’re talking about. It’s great. I didn’t know that Bon Jovi owned a chain called Soul Kichen. 

  4. I’ve heard of “paying it forward” at coffee shops, where you can prepay for someone in need who may come along later. That seems like a good idea too. 

  5. Yeah, I like that too, Rajini Rao. 

  6. In Addison ,Tex Ass there are over 200 restaraunts . the amount of food thrown away is phenomenal along with the hotels that serve food . I think of all the hungry people and children in schools without a breakfast or lunch . It breaks my heart .

  7. Love it. Great contribution.

  8. What  great idea Gideon Rosenblatt  and, as you say, done with class – no stunt! Restaurants are trying “pay it forward” model (Karma Kitchen) but this is a “micro step” that can grow as well.

    Thanks for sharing this – Seattle has always been “pioneering” in many ways!

  9. Thanks Sanjiv Manifest. 

    Folks who are interested in restaurants and social issues may also be interested in what’s happening with another Seattle restaurant and how they are changing their model after our $15 per hour minimum wage: 


  10. Rajini Rao there is a “pay it forward” restaurant that is doing quite well – Karma Kitchen. They started in 2007 …. and now have a few around the world: –  http://www.karmakitchen.org/

    Also, there are a few with similar business models – that are doing well … here’s post I did on that in 2014 : https://goo.gl/zJgCqG

  11. so cool Gideon Rosenblatt its great 2 c that businesses r willing 2 support their community in such a creative way

  12. Sanjiv Manifest I went there when I first came 2 Bay area – so cool, I was so…impressed

  13. Pemo Theodore glad you got to experience the gift of community … some day I’ll be at a Karma Kitchen 🙂

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