I can't say I've experienced all these, but I have had:

I can’t say I’ve experienced all these, but I have had:

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I can’t say I’ve experienced all these, but I have had:

1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 16, and 18.

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Know your enemy: you(r demons)


  1. TTCR – Too Tiny Can’t Read….

  2. lol. did you just make that up, Kenny Chaffin? Or is that an actual thing?

  3. Nodus Tollens is one that plagues me constantly…

  4. I do experience some I don’t like it but I have accepted that I am never gonna know anything but this…..how does one even think of overcoming this?

  5. Gideon Rosenblatt Squirrels at Work! 🙂

  6. 1, 2, 3, 5, Yep.

    4. Nope. I do remember my past self.

    6. Nope.

    7. Yep.

    8. Not an “urge”, but a natural inclination of mine, yes, without any pressures.

    9, 10, 11, yep.

    12. Seen those. Usually avoid.

    13. I already know, but doesn’t matter.

    14. Yes, watching U.S. news.

    15. Hints of, yes.

    16. Often.

    17. Not really. Just assume you mostly knew them.

    18. Yeah, but I’d expect that.

    19. It’s not supposed to.

    20. Somehow not a problem.

    21. I couldn’t possibly care less without being numb, so I try to care a bit more.

    22. Nope. Let’s not do that.

    23. Nope. I tend to like my wide perspectives too much, so it’s more like a worry that I might be overlooking something even when I’m already covering many perspectives. I could always do more.

  7. There are made up words in that don’t even exist; e.g. Mauerbauertraurigkeit, Altschmerz or Rückkehrunruhe.

  8. So odd…Some of the most telling words, to describe our inner most feelings, emotions, or lack there of…We see here, Perhaps for the first time?

  9. Love these. Share on that other platform a while back. 🙂

  10. “Icouldashouldaism” – the feeling that I could of done something better with my time today, William Matthies.

  11. Thanks for opening up that ol’ brain of your, Sakari Maaranen. I think this is super interesting, hearing what people do and don’t experience.

  12. Way over sonder people are enjoying themselves Gideon Rosenblatt :))

  13. Wonderful detail of otherwise broad emotion tags….this is great description…:) 🙂

  14. #3 #8 #19 & #22 ARE my life, not just fleeting feelings. But it’s nice to have words for it now. I wonder, Will they impress my shrink?? 😅😂

  15. Well when you Have died and came back as i have I’m told it’s normal to feel a lot of these, I still swere some of what I feel is sure the hell not normal

  16. Cori Smith I know exactly what you are talking about. Happened to me also.

  17. Xenia Dutton me too and I don’t like it one bit 6 months ago I was not quite there in tune with life but on the other hand I had ambition and heart and ideas but there all been shattered so I can relate to most of theses quotes as sad as that sounds but trying hard to change all that. Just got to keep on keeping on.

  18. Burny Dinko I know what you are saying. Every day is a struggle. When I wake to a good one, it is something to celebrate! 🎆🎉🎇I wish you luck in yours, if you wish, add me, we can all use friends that have been there at times.

  19. Everything except no. 15

  20. Oh this is exactly what I needed!👌

  21. Xenia Dutton thankyou. thats nice of you (8

  22. Who are you?Tell yourself about what’s going on inside of yourself!

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