"Humans have officially given their voice to machines."

“Humans have officially given their voice to machines.”

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“Humans have officially given their voice to machines.”




  1. Stay away from this website this is a kids website have respect for others no kids want to see that

  2. Alma Medina From what psychotic platform are you pandering about Alma?

  3. Alma Medina tell em

  4. Oh yes. Come on.

  5. Where do I gist

  6. Nothing new. Ancients had already mastered it .

  7. Real cool!! You have to listen several times and think of human inflections to make a decision.

  8. Doesn’t really seem that great, because the actual “human voice” is trying to sound like a robot, no one naturally sounds like that unless they train their vocals. To me the paper isn’t demonstrating a AI trying to sound like a person but a person trying to sound like an AI.

  9. I’d rather type 90% of the time, the AI isn’t accurate when you have to type out a long piece. Text to speech is for dumb lazy people with bad typing skills. We need to slow down with the technology or people in the future will inherit a world that is completely artificial, which is not good.

    Many people can’t even write legibly nowadays. If we always have technology helping us spell and giving us access to information that no effort is used to learn we’ll get less intelligent as it goes forward. It’s already been theorised that always researching what you want to know and not learning naturally has a negative affect on memory and intelligence, because why try to remember something when you can just look up anything about any subject that’d you’ve learned in your life.

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