How to Meet an Alien (Intelligence)

This is retired NASA astronaut, Dr. Daniel T. Barry talking about how we might create intelligence in order to understand our own. Building an alien intelligence so that we can talk to it. This is one of the best takes I’ve seen on some of the core questions I have about many of our current approaches to building human-level intelligence in machines. 

“…what we call intelligence and think of as intellect has all these underlays of emotion, and perception and movement. Most people think of intellect as the place to start, and I would suggest that intellect is the place you end up.”

Why would a sea squirt eat its own brain once it reached a developmental stage where it no longer moves, in other words, where it shifts behaviorally from an animal to a plant? Creatures that don’t move don’t have brains. 

Movement comes first, then perception that allows for purposeful movement. Emotion is the integration of these perceptions in order to modulate our movements. 

In other words, in our search for more advanced, or perhaps I should say, conscious, artificial intelligence, we cannot afford to ignore the body or our emotions.

More thoughts on why artificial emotional intelligence matters:

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