How to Create Collective Intelligence

How to Create Collective Intelligence

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How to Create Collective Intelligence

An interesting interview of author, Geoff Mulgan by David Sloan Wilson. The focus is on collective intelligence. I liked this part in particular:

I try to provide a way of thinking about the degrees of β€˜we-ness’ of groups, that relates this to the extent of integration of cognition in a group. Here I extend recent work on individual consciousness which relates it to the degree of integration of the brain while awake. This, I hope, more nuanced position sees individuals as shaped by groups, and groups as made up of individuals and is helped by the ways in which psychology and neuroscience have revealed that the individual mind is better understood not as a monolithic hierarchy, with a single will, but rather as a network of semiautonomous cells that sometimes collaborate and sometimes compete. If you accept that view, then it becomes more reasonable to see groups in a similar way, even if you differentiate the highly integrated individual mind from the less integrated group mind (in other words, not altogether integrated individual minds not altogether integrated into larger groups).


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