How Does AI Resolve the Prisoner's Dilemma?

How Does AI Resolve the Prisoner’s Dilemma?

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How Does AI Resolve the Prisoner’s Dilemma?

DeepMind just released a paper describing new research into using reinforcement learning to explore game theory.

In summary, we showed that we can apply the modern AI technique of deep multi-agent reinforcement learning to age-old questions in social science such as the mystery of the emergence of cooperation. We can think of the trained AI agents as an approximation to economics’ rational agent model “homo economicus”. Hence, such models give us the unique ability to test policies and interventions into simulated systems of interacting agents – both human and artificial.

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  2. Social dilemma is an interesting term.I think you should differentiate b/w selfish and rational agent. Emergence of co-operation is rooted in defections not selfishness. According to my dissertation.

    But, aging is a problem for sure. I think you should clean the memory..otherwise hire some garbage collector.

  3. Hason Kajwa, did you ever see Martin Nowark’s work on cooperation and defection?

    You might find this of interest:

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  7. Listen. Without processing and using real life criminals and prospects into properly understanding the agent cooperation program it’s left unaided and mis lead.

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