Highly-Sensitive People

Highly-Sensitive People

Thanks to George Kao for introducing me to the concept of a Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP. I’d never heard of the idea before today. I see aspects of this frame of being showing up in lots of individuals and in lots of different contexts — including ones in which I find myself.

There is great beauty in being able to genuinely feel the world. To dismiss this mode of experience as simply that of a ‘fragile snowflake’ is to misunderstand the nature of life.

Originally shared by George Kao

Chances are good that you either live with one, work with one, are friends with one, or are yourself a Highly Sensitive Person…

I found this TEDx talk to be a helpful introduction to what an #HSP is. I think I might be on the spectrum ✨

As #AI and #Robotization continues to take over society, maybe the HSP will become one of our key human evolutionary advantages…


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