Greg Corrado, Principle Scientist at Google and co-founder of the Google Brain program has this to say about AI...

Greg Corrado, Principle Scientist at Google and co-founder of the Google Brain program has this to say about AI…

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Greg Corrado, Principle Scientist at Google and co-founder of the Google Brain program has this to say about AI transparency:

There’s this pathology that AI or deep learning is a black box, but it really isn’t. We didn’t study how it works because, for a long time, it really didn’t work well. But now that it’s working well, there are a lot of tools and techniques that go into examining how these systems work.

It’s critical that we share as much as possible about how these things work, I don’t belive these technologies should live in walled gardens but instead we should develop tools that can be used by everyone in the community … The same tools that my applied machine learning team uses to tackle problems that we’re interested in, those same tools are accessible to you to try to solve the same problems in the same way.

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  1. Key words : to predict what’ll happen next. And thanks for sharing.

  2. A few weeks ago the lady leading Google AI research efforts visited Denmark to open a new artificial research center at University of Copenhagen. In hear speech she clearly stated, that currently we don’t know what AI is and how we can use it. However, we do know what ML is and how we can use.

    I found that at talks streamed from Google I/O even Google employees were not careful about the difference between AI and ML. I hope they will be better at that next year.

  3. Hey Gideon Rosenblatt hope all is well, thanks for sharing have a fantastic Saturday

  4. Scientists? Tempered expectations? It’s the continuous burn of corporate hype and marketing sell.

    The employees companies like Google bring out are corporate product designers and coders to present the marketable image of science. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that except for the misdirection and deception. The principle objective of Google employment is applied science exploitation for profit not the creation of new science theory and ground academic truth. Maybe at one time they were scientists but now???….

  5. If the elements of timespace and dissemination of information are correlated correctly, the A-I would be more in tune naturally. Law of 1.

  6. Only if the logic is correct.

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