Google sets out its principles around artificial intelligence. Encouraging.

Google sets out its principles around artificial intelligence. Encouraging.

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Google sets out its principles around artificial intelligence. Encouraging.

1. Be socially beneficial.

2. Avoid creating or reinforcing unfair bias.

3. Be built and tested for safety.

4. Be accountable to people.

5. Incorporate privacy design principles.

6. Uphold high standards of scientific excellence.

7. Be made available for uses that accord with these principles:

Many technologies have multiple uses. We will work to limit potentially harmful or abusive applications. As we develop and deploy AI technologies, we will evaluate likely uses in light of the following factors:

Primary purpose and use: the primary purpose and likely use of a technology and application, including how closely the solution is related to or adaptable to a harmful use

Nature and uniqueness: whether we are making available technology that is unique or more generally available

Scale: whether the use of this technology will have significant impact

Nature of Google’s involvement: whether we are providing general-purpose tools, integrating tools for customers, or developing custom solutions


  1. What AI but seem sounds fun

  2. Thank You Gideon Rosenblatt

    Google has One Hugh Problem :

    No Transparent …

    Who is Flying This Airplane

    Sure ain’t From Texas …

  3. I Love all the pictures everyone one of them are so moving blessed and wonderful beautiful and amazing. Thank you so very much, Anita Blair

  4. Anyone else find it ironic that these should be rules for the corporation as well?

  5. Hugh problem?

    Some friars opened up a florist shop, and a rival florist shop across town started to lose business. They asked the friars to close the shop, but they said no. They asked and asked and asked but nothing they could do could persuade the friars to close down the florist shop. In desperation, they hired the roughest thug in town, a guy named Hugh, to “persuade” them to close. He beat up the friars and trashed the shop and said he’d be back if they didn’t close. Terrified, they did so.

    The moral of the story? Hugh, and only Hugh, can prevent florist friars.

  6. John Lewis I would add……. always be truthful


  8. 8) Be Most Excellent To Humans

    9) Don’t Be A Dick

  9. I had an alcoholic uncle who made lists like this. The words were good and wholesome, often accompanied by tearful, heartfelt amends He really meant it this time, every time.

    Then he’d get drunk and beat his wife and kids some more.

    We stay in the abusive relationship, believing, until we’re ready to see the truth and move on. I invite you, and everyone, to seek the latter with expedience and clear eyes.

  10. Michael Verona Yeah, we should certainly stop listening after the third list.

  11. In society the main benchmark for corporations is still profit-making, embellished with all kinds of bumper stickers that make sure, that they operate legally (or at least in gray areas or can’t be caught). Also they have to care for public opinion and their customers. And their shareholders. And also in some corporations there also work many people who have authentic positive values of creating something meaningful (and not fucking up this planet and other people completely). But then again, the main benchmark is still profit, and, I suppose, as long as that is the case the whole process of corporate doing good will have a tendency to be borderline.

  12. Finalement nous ne serons plus des êtres humains

  13. The www has gone UNIVERSAL STUDIOS

  14. I have this one. Universally accepted physics and the natural order of things. Actual information about the unified field and numerical values that coincide with our alphabet. Too good to be true? 0 .point is just the middle, expansion comes as matter boils. Anyone?

  15. The features of the Universe are numbered for easy access to the source of the power and the natural order of things. Primes apply. Law of 1. Impermeable. However, fractals have their golden rule. Anyone care to adventure timespace as

  16. Cube to sphere ratio also applies.

  17. 5 is the field. Black is the perfect Conduit for all elementary values of light and electromagnetic waves. Applied induction is natural order of motion. Kinetic energy is stored in the unified field battery. So easy to understand.

  18. Structures of timespace. 6 curbed correlated with time, 5 spherical associates with the void of space. Dimensions on opposite sides of #.

  19. How many dimensions? 12 plus one that encompasses all. 9 for elementary values that coincide with the solffegio frequencies. 3 that are not in view. Light and the 3 orders of magnitude higher than elementary values. Energy. + – and neutral common. Light and sound waves. Sound being first. Light much higher.

  20. Everything is based on polarity. Understanding polarity of light waves Will propel us into the future of anti-gravity and the natural order of inertial measurement in energy harvesters.

  21. The electromagnetic field seems to reflect the number one. Interesting discussion about that theory.

  22. Takes one to hold all. Makes perfect sense to me.

  23. Takes the sphere of influence as one to become perfect. Absolute 1 .0 you night say

  24. All contained in the 4th Dimension?

  25. Robert Ramsey overlaps 369 carrier wave patterns thru hexadecimal interaction, stable 6th cubed structure allows movement in now continuity. 4th dimensional quantitative observations are what we see as elements polarized by light waves. Only in atmospheric refraction.

  26. The warped interaction between two opposing forces causes allowed stable platforms or dimensional structure. It’s very elegant and starts simple. True?just a theory that proves itself by 3po logic. Yes?You have to do the math. I have. Works for me.

  27. All dimensions overlap and interweave. Very stable platforms or dimensional strictures.

  28. Sincerity with empathy makes a difference

  29. Dayananda Karunamunige CONGRATS

  30. Building a human-friendly AI is the next big challenge. May I take this opportunity to humbly introduce my recent book “The Mind and the machine”? Want to discover how to create a friendly AI, which special architecture it should have, and which concepts must be at the heart of its goal system ? Read ! – The mind and the machine Should we fear artificial intelligence

  31. Definitely Not We Shouldn’t fear nothing at all

  32. Warm greetings google

    World service .

  33. Warm greetings google

    World service .

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