Getting Robotic Interfaces Right

Getting Robotic Interfaces Right

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Getting Robotic Interfaces Right

Lots of good information in this report on the state of robotics by RobotEnomics. One of the big themes is the importance of simplifying and standardizing our interfaces to robots.


  1. “the importance of simplifying and standardizing our interfaces to robots”

    Which would inevitably lead to more things like Stuxnet. Not saying that’s a reason to avoid that path, but that it’s a side effect.

  2. Julian Bond well, trying to protect equipment by non-standard interfaces is “security by obscurity”, and that is just a stop-gap.

  3. You are doing a very good job.

    I love it

  4. Well from universal, Fanuc to Yaskawa to ABB or Nachi all pendants/ interfaces are different. Some of our clients have proprietary HIM screens to meet their standard. But there is no global harmonization standard effort that I see

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