Frisson and Openness to Experience

Frisson and Openness to Experience

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Frisson and Openness to Experience

Do you get goosebumps when listening to particularly moving music? If so, would you consider yourself as someone who is more open to experience?

Studies have shown that people who possess “Openness to Experience” have “unusually active imaginations, appreciate beauty and nature, seek out new experiences, often reflect deeply on their feelings, and love variety in life,” explains social psychologist Mitchell Colver. Some aspects of this trait are inherently emotional and others are cognitive, so the combination makes for an imaginative empathizer with great intellectual curiosity and appreciation of beauty.

HT to Georgina Lester​ over on Facebook.


  1. This feeling fission you called ..

    Not only in hearing music or any sound it comes sometimes whenever I am coming to certain place sometimes high or low places. I just keep quiet . I have no phobias whatsoever but it’s coming quickly .I was born in the pleasant month of May , I have normal childhood happy something.

    But this chills makes me laugh it makes me thinks of my strong senses.


  3. Especially if that music sinks down your soul,that is,if you really understand the lyrics.

  4. well hell,why dont ya tell us what you REALLY think?.roflmao,at all of us. Babs

  5. I do, especially when I hear our national anthem

  6. Especially great new talent singing

  7. well,to each,his own pleasure.Joe Cocker, is mine.but,sometimes i do get the skin orgasms. this was sent to me.i had never heard the termonology,thought it was cool,so posted it on my page.Babs

  8. OR * as the old quote goes “different strokes for different folks”. whatever makes you feel good. BABS

  9. 😊 Thats me…. Lol

  10. well im just glad theres more than one kind.. (although im not complaining)

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