Find My Posts “Brains, Minds, and Soul” on Twitter Now

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Find My Posts “Brains, Minds, and Soul” on Twitter Now

With Google+ now shutting down by next August, you can find future news and articles from my “Brains, Minds, and Soul” collection on Twitter now:


  1. Twitter has not proved very useful for me. May be my fault in not understanding and using it fully.

    G+ is a great aggregator/ integrator, but Twitter seems not (to me). I follow a few persons and organizations, and will look at Twitter more closely. There must be something better.

    I hope for an open-source/open-standards, fully distributed solution with maximum local control and excellent support for discovery and integration of people and knowledge artifacts.

    The ideal, IMO, would be a distributed p2p client/server system in which hosting and access are paid for by work-sharing servers and a work accounting system running on something very much like holochain ( – Holochain

  2. Joe Repka, agreed on the distributed platform, and data should be owned/controlled by end-users.

    I’ve actually found Twitter to be useful, but it takes some work to build up the engagement. Nothing like here though, sadly.

  3. Am following you on Twitter from now


  4. Joe Repka some shared to me ..we/me…or me/we( one of the 2) the social for next Generation, it says…http/me/

  5. Joe Repka

    Thanks for the Holochain link. I don’t have much aptitude for “IT” and do not understand most of it. But I listened to and read the explanation of Holochain and at least now have an inkling or a clue about what they mean by it as well as control by the creator instead of control by a huge corporate entity simply because it IS huge.

    It’s really aggravating when someone writes in complaining about internet giants tracking and selling every bit of information they can scour up on their clients, then some defender jumps in with “YOU AGREED!”

    Of course they agreed. It’s either click on Agree and “Understand” twelve single-space pages of legal mumbo jumbo drawn up by a battery of corporate attorneys or don’t use the internet. What we need is the equivalent of a Sherman Anti-Trust Act for the internet/World Wide Web.

    Like the Sherman Act it wouldn’t ban the existence of enormous corporations but it would ban monopolistic practices.

    I have preferred the Firefox browser ever since I first tried it circa 2005. Thanks again for the link. I’ll keep trying to understand this stuff better.

  6. 👍Luv the pic !! 😍

    Put it as my wallpaper – great reads too – very interesting 😉👌

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