Fighting Fire with Fire

Fighting Fire with Fire

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Fighting Fire with Fire

To stay ahead of the curve, Wallace recommends that security firms conduct their own internal research, and develop their own weaponized AI to fight and test their defenses. He calls it “an iron sharpens iron” approach to computer security. The Pentagon’s advanced research wing, DARPA, has already adopted this approach, organizing grand challenges in which AI developers pit their creations against each other in a virtual game of Capture the Flag. The process is very Darwinian, and reminiscent of yet another approach to AI development—evolutionary algorithms. For hackers and infosec professionals, it’s survival of the fittest AI.


  1. It would be an interesting thought if AI could make better judgement of war tactics to save more lives than people do.

  2. Thanks Gideon Rosenblatt​

    #TheSniperMind in Action


    David Amerland​ Thoughts ?

  3. I remember Zeynep Tufekci tweeting some time recently, “Don’t fear rogue AI; fear strong AI in the hands of governments & bad-actors”…

  4. Rufaro Alamieyeseigha Obviously, war design for casualties minimization should be conducted top down. Current practice distributes risk in a highly suboptimal manner. Local optimization will achieve peanuts.

  5. “Iron sharpens iron” is from The Bible.

  6. These are the people putting your species at risk of extinction.

  7. Coach G Moore no action without a reaction 🙂

  8. It would be true demonstration of AI abilities if it found a way to reverse and bring an and to war of any kind . Now world without war , that is something else

  9. If you eliminate all the humans, no more war.


  10. But I don’t want to be eliminated 😟

  11. Yeah, I’m demonstrating, tongue-in-cheek, with the “laws of robotics” approach to solving problems with AI.

    You have to teach AI ethics and philosophy, the same way we’re teaching them anything else right now using deep learning.

    And we have to do this in an open soyrce manner, or we’re doomed.

  12. Oh boy. Another hyperbolic article about ‘AI’. The AI (types) people are talking about have been running in the stock markets for 15 yrs.. its ML/DL.. and fundamentally it is an algorithm – it cannot understand you, and it cannot understand what its doing. Its a function at best.

    DOD has been running similar systems for protection for at least 10 years. Please stop calling this type of thing AI. Its not, there is NO intelligence – its doesnt understand squat. It collects attack vectors, and designs defense vectors for its users. You call a calculator AI? .. then you can call it AI.. but imho, this sort of discussion is getting very silly.

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