Life-like Artificial Imagery

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“Feeding the system with more images and using masses of raw computer power markedly increased the GAN’s precision and ability to create life-like renditions of the subjects it was trained to reproduce.”

Click through to the image folders to not sleep well tonight. 😉


  1. Very beautiful 👍

  2. Where is this? What kind of a bird is it?

  3. Oh god very beautiful lovely nice coler pairot good looking

  4. Katie Webb I think it’s a scarlet macaw (Ara macao). I don’t know where it lives though.

  5. Such a sexy bird

  6. Sylvain JULIEN thank you so very much!!

  7. Sylvain JULIEN I just love the way the bird has its wings!

  8. I never do ANYTHING to not sleep well (even both my babies slept through the night!!!) 😂

  9. The dog ones are hilarious!

  10. So beautiful

  11. phantastic. Very good inspirations when you plan a sci-fi and need ideas for the aliens. Or for monsters.

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